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Centurion Center

AZ Choice Foot and Ankle is proud to announce that we are an official Lapiplasty Centurion Center!

Dr. Suykerbuyk has now performed over 100 Lapiplasty 3D bunonectomy cases. He is also certified for the Lapiplasty Minimal Inciscion Bunion procedure. Dr. Suykerbuyk has been to advanced courses and training for correction of serve and complicted bunion disorders.

The benfits of Lapiplasty 3D bunionectomy include early walking/weight bearing, improved correction, less stiffness in the toe and a lower chance of the bunion coming back/recurrence. As a Centurion center, we are one of only three providers in the State of Arizona to have performed over 100 Lapiplasty 3D bunionectomies. These have included complex bunions, minimal incision cases and revisions of failed bunionecomy cases (from other surgeons).

We are proud of our outcomes and the way this procedure is changing the lives of our patients. To see the results for yourself, visit us on Facebook!

If you have questions about bunions, bunionectomy or the Lapiplasty 3D bunionectomy, call us today at 480-632-5757 or visit us at for more information and to schedule online.

Christopher Suykerbuyk

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