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Minimal Incision Bunionectomy


Bunionectomy procedures have been around for decades with little change over the last 50 years.  Newer technology like the Lapiplasty 3D bunionectomy has allowed for powerful corrective technique and stability.  Now with the Lapiplasty MIS system, bunionectomies can be performed through an incision less than 3.5cm long.  

Minimal Incision Surgery

There are many bunionectomy techniques that have recently come onto the market involving minimal incision.  The problem with most of these systems is that the correction is not permenant or stable, leading to a recurrence of a bunion in up to 70% of patients.  These procedures looks nice at first, but the fixation is not always stable and the return of the deformity can happen quickly.

Lapiplasty MIS 3D Bunionectomy

The difference between the other minimal incision procedures on the market and the Lapiplasty MIS system is in the stability.  The bunion deformity can be corrected permenantly with a recurrence of less than 3%.  Patients are able to walk almost immediatly on the system and are back in shoes within 6-8 weeks.  This can all be done through an incision under 3.5cm!

Dr. Suykerbuyk was the first physician in Arizona to use the Lapiplasty MIS bunionectomy system and has preformed more than any other physician in the state.  If you would like to learn more, visit our website  or call for an appointment today!

Christopher Suykerbuyk

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