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When Do I Have Surgery?

When Should I have Surgery?

I have been asked this question several times recently. There are a few fctors that should be looked at when deciding when to have surgery for the foot and ankle. The procedure, time of year and the dreaseded decuctable can all be factors in the recovery process and planning of surgery. 


Some procedures have quicker recovery times than other. When planning surgery, make sure you speak with your doctor about your goals in recovery. Do you have to get back to work quickly? Is there an event or vacation soon that you need to be mobile for? It is improtant that you and your surgeon are on the same page.

Time of Year

The two most common times of year for our surgeries are Summer and Winter. Post-operative patients are often in a cast, splint or boot limiting activity. It is best to pick a time when you will be able to rest and recover.


Let's face it, money can be an issue when scheduling surgery, espeacilly when the procedure needs to be done on both feet. If you are planning on this, it is often best to have the first one earlier in the year to allow proper recovery. That can leave time to have both done in the same year, saving on deductable expenses!

Plan Your Life Around The Surgery

Life will always get in the way. There will always be a wedding to go to, a vacation or work issues. If you wait to have surgery for the perfect time, it will never come. I recommend planning your surgery first and then plan life around the surery. This is an important time and should be given priority.

As always, if there are questions please call us at 480-632-5757

Christopher Suykerbuyk

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